Installer No. 13 is a weekly guide to the best and most interesting things in the world. This week’s guide includes recommendations for shows, articles, and tools. The author asks readers how they manage their budget and money since Mint is shutting down. They also invite readers to share their own recommendations. The author suggests using a password manager like Bitwarden and mentions that Google Keep is still being supported and updated. The new MacBook Pro is praised for its speed and long battery life. The author recommends a podcast episode about Facebook and a documentary about FTX. They also mention an AI assistant called Brave Leo and a Mac app called Raycast that has access to real-time web results. The Matic robot vacuum is mentioned as a fascinating but expensive device. The author then discusses the release of a new Beatles song called “Now and Then” and recommends watching a mini-documentary and reading more about its production. They also mention the use of AI in music and how it can improve old recordings. The article ends with a feature on Chris Plante, who shares his homescreen and explains why he prioritizes learning Japanese over social media apps.

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