South Korean pharmaceutical company SK Bioscience is increasing its cooperation with global healthcare officials, particularly in the field of biopharmaceuticals after the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes partnering with the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to support African countries in developing their own vaccines. They are also collaborating on the Partnerships for African Vaccine Manufacturing initiative, which aims to produce and supply over 60% of vaccine doses locally by 2040. SK Bioscience is also working on its Glocalization Project, which focuses on transferring vaccine research and manufacturing capabilities to underdeveloped countries and tailoring vaccine infrastructure to meet regional needs.

In addition, SK Bioscience has formed a strategic partnership with the Serbian government and UK-based pharmaceutical company Frontier Biopharma to establish vaccine manufacturing facilities in Serbia. SK Bioscience will transfer technology and know-how to Serbia to enhance their pandemic preparedness, while the Serbian government will provide administrative support and necessary drug products. SK Bioscience’s collaboration with global entities also extends to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, with a focus on developing mRNA vaccines to respond to future pandemics.

The company aims to strengthen its network with international governments, research institutions, and companies to lead the global health industry and achieve sustainable growth.

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