The process of repatriating illegal Afghan migrants from Pakistan is happening slowly, with only 128,650 individuals returning home through the Torkham border since September 17. The government has set up transit centers to temporarily house these migrants. The majority of them have moved to Punjab, where finding employment is difficult. However, Afghan migrants have also taken jobs from local laborers. About 7,195 families have been repatriated to Afghanistan between September 17 and November 4, with 34,639 males, 25,710 females, and 68,280 children being repatriated so far. The Torkham, Kharlachi, Ghulam Khan, and Angoor Ada border stations have been designated for the return of illegal Afghans residing in different regions of Pakistan. The government has taken measures to facilitate the repatriation, including setting up a control center and providing security at holding centers. The government has also instructed law enforcement authorities to report any mistreatment of illegal migrants. The departure of low-skilled Afghan laborers will have a significant impact on Pakistan’s economy. The government is in contact with friendly countries to relocate these individuals, and the United Kingdom has started evacuating Afghan refugees from Pakistan. The Foreign Office spokesperson stated that the repatriation plan applies to all foreigners residing illegally in Pakistan and is being implemented in accordance with domestic laws and international norms.

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