Some café owners are limiting or eliminating Wi-Fi access to prevent customers from staying for long periods of time without purchasing anything. This is because remote workers who are looking for a social environment outside of their homes often choose cafés as their workspace. Many cafés are now facing a dilemma as they try to maintain the welcoming atmosphere that attracts customers while also dealing with the subset of remote workers who use their space for long periods without buying anything. Cafés have become a substitute for the social environment that offices once provided, especially for those who live alone or do not have much social interaction at home. However, café owners are concerned about losing business if they cater too much to remote worker needs. Some café owners have tried different strategies such as limited Wi-Fi access, prohibiting laptops after a certain time, or encouraging customers to share seating. Ultimately, café owners want to create a convivial space where patrons can read, chat, and enjoy their beverages, but they also need to find a balance to ensure the sustainability of their business.

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