Pakistan has opened more border centers to help thousands of undocumented Afghan nationals return to Afghanistan. The facilities at the Torkham border crossing have been expanded to accommodate the increasing number of returnees. This comes after a deadline expired for Afghans in Pakistan illegally to leave. The returnees no longer have to wait in long queues at the crossing. However, those arriving in Afghanistan have complained about the difficulties they faced leaving Pakistan and the uncertainty about their future. Some accused Pakistani officials of taking bribes for their repatriation, which the authorities deny. The Afghan caretaker government has been urged by the United Nations, rights groups, and Western embassies to reconsider its plan to expel over a million Afghans in Pakistan. The Taliban-run administration in Afghanistan is struggling to handle the sudden influx and has set up temporary transit camps to provide food and medical assistance. The Norwegian Refugee Council, Danish Refugee Council, and International Rescue Committee have reported chaotic scenes among the arriving Afghans. Pakistani officials have stated that repatriation can be delayed for individuals with health or other issues preventing them from traveling.

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