North Korea has announced that it will increase its military deterrence and take military action in response to a recent US intercontinental missile test. The missile, launched from California, exploded over the Pacific Ocean. The US Air Force has not provided further details about the incident. South Korean defense officials attended the test at the invitation of the US, marking the first time since 2016.

North Korea’s statement emphasized its willingness to protect its sovereignty and territory through military action. The country stated that a nuclear strike would warrant a similar response. The Unification Ministry in Seoul believes that North Korea’s response is a prelude to further provocations.

The strategy of relying on the US nuclear umbrella to prevent a North Korean attack has been a key approach for the US and South Korea. However, Seoul now has more influence on how Washington manages its nuclear assets following an agreement in April. South Korea and the US plan to strengthen their extended deterrence in response to North Korea’s actions.

South Korea has called on North Korea to stop developing nuclear weapons and missiles, including their attempts to launch a space satellite using ballistic missile technology, which is banned under UN sanctions.

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