Artificial Intelligence (AI) and algorithms can be used to spread racism, polarization, and political instability, according to a professor at Lancaster University. The professor argues that AI is not just a tool used by security agencies to prevent online harm, but can actually contribute to radicalism and political violence, posing a threat to national security. The securitization of AI has influenced its design and use, leading to harmful outcomes. The professor’s article explores the history of AI’s securitization and its impact on radicalism, polarization, and political violence. The classic film series, The Terminator, influenced public fears about AI and its potential to cause devastating consequences, like nuclear war and the extermination of humanity. Governments and security agencies want to influence the development of AI to mitigate risks and harness its positive potential, due to a lack of trust and associated fears. AI is already being used in sophisticated drones and cyber security, with concerns about information warfare and the manipulation of identity groups. While AI has positive potential, it also presents risks that need to be understood and managed. Researchers in cyber security and International Relations should examine the social effects of AI and prioritize them over security concerns. Lancaster University is investing in cyber security education and research to train the next generation of leaders in the field.

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