Fishermen in Scotland and Indonesia are testing new technology to enhance their fishing success. The aim is to find better ways to catch fish and improve their overall catch.

In Scotland, a group of fishermen is using advanced underwater cameras to monitor fish behavior and identify the best fishing spots. These cameras send real-time images to a computer on the boat, allowing the fishermen to assess the situation and make informed decisions about where to cast their nets. This helps minimize wasted time and resources searching for fish and increases the chances of a successful catch.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia, fishermen are experimenting with fish aggregating devices (FADs). FADs are floating structures that attract fish by providing them with a suitable habitat. The fishermen deploy these devices in the water and wait for fish to gather around them. Once the FADs are populated with fish, the fishermen can easily catch them in large quantities, improving their catch efficiency.

Both initiatives demonstrate how technology can play a crucial role in aiding fishermen and enhancing their productivity. By utilizing underwater cameras and fish aggregating devices, fishermen can adapt their fishing methods to maximize their catch and reduce the time and effort spent on unsuccessful attempts.

These trials are providing valuable insights, highlighting the potential benefits technology can bring to the fishing industry. With further advancements and widespread adoption, these innovative solutions could revolutionize fishing practices worldwide, helping to sustainably increase fish stocks while benefiting fishermen’s livelihoods.

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