The United States and China have joined 27 other countries in signing an agreement on the risks of artificial intelligence (AI). The agreement was made at a two-day AI Safety Summit held at Bletchley Park, a former military installation in England. The summit aimed to find ways to regulate AI, which is advancing faster than governments can respond. The US and China’s participation is significant as the two countries are currently engaged in disputes over various issues. The agreement focuses on “frontier AI,” the latest version of the technology that is being widely used. The signing countries have committed to working together to ensure trustworthy and responsible AI. The summit did not include references to global regulation efforts by organizations like the United Nations and the OECD. However, it was stated that this initiative complements and does not cut across existing processes. The next AI Safety Summit will be held in South Korea in 2024, and a third event is planned for France in the following year. The EU, which has been working on its own AI legislation, welcomed the renewed efforts to regulate AI.

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