British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has received support from China and the United States for a joint statement on artificial intelligence (AI) technology. In an interview on POLITICO’s Power Play podcast, Sunak defended his decision to invite China to his AI summit, despite opposition from some members of his political party. Sunak believes that involving leading AI nations like China in discussions is essential for a substantive conversation about AI. The summit resulted in almost 30 countries signing the “Bletchley Declaration,” an international agreement on the opportunities, risks, and need for global action in advanced AI. Sunak’s outreach to China has also gained international backing, with Canadian innovation minister Fran├žois-Philippe Champagne stating the importance of including diverse voices in discussions. Sunak dismissed the notion that the United States had stolen the spotlight by releasing its executive order on AI during the summit. Instead, he emphasized the close collaboration between the US and UK in addressing challenges related to AI through the newly-established AI safety institutes. Sunak stressed the importance of government involvement in safety testing and evaluation of AI models to ensure public safety.

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