Bethesda is planning to add Nvidia’s graphics upscaling technology, DLSS, to their game Starfield. They are first seeking help from the PC gaming community by offering an opt-in beta test on Steam. The upcoming update for the game will also include support for DLSS with frame generation, as well as display and HDR controls for supported systems. Previously, the lack of DLSS support was a concern, but modders quickly added unofficial support for the technology. In terms of performance, it has been noted that the stock version of Starfield provides a worse experience on Intel and Nvidia compared to AMD GPUs. The game already supports AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 (FSR 2), but an upgrade to FSR 3 will have to wait for a future update. Bethesda has also promised other fixes, such as an FOV slider and ultrawide monitor support. The beta test is set to start next week, and if you have purchased the game on Steam, you can indicate your interest in joining the beta through the game’s settings.

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