Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law canceling Russia’s ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. He claims that this move is aimed at aligning Russia with the United States. However, Russia has stated that it will only resume testing if the US does so first. They have also emphasized that their nuclear stance and information sharing on nuclear activities will not be affected by the revocation. The US had signed but never ratified the treaty, and Putin wanted Russia to adopt a similar position. Several other countries, including China, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Israel, Iran, and Egypt, have also not ratified the treaty. Some experts are concerned that Russia might conduct a test to intimidate or instill fear during the ongoing Ukraine conflict, although Russian officials downplay these fears. Putin has previously stated that he has not yet decided whether Russia should resume nuclear testing, despite calls from Russian security experts and lawmakers. The last nuclear test conducted by Russia was in 1990, and since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, they have not conducted any tests. This de-ratification law has been approved by both houses of Russia’s parliament and immediately came into effect upon Putin’s approval.

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