Over 200 illegal immigrants, mostly Afghans, were arrested in different parts of Karachi and taken to Afghan transit centers. These centers were set up in the city for the onward journey of the immigrants to Jacobabad and then to Balochistan, where they will be sent back to Afghanistan through the Chaman border. The South-DIG, Syed Asad Raza, stated that a total of 350 Afghans were detained across the city, with 200 of them being kept at Haji Camp and Pakistan Scouts Hostel, while the rest were released after verification. These centers were previously known as holding centers but have now been renamed Afghan transit centers. The detained individuals are being treated with respect and their welfare is being taken care of. On Thursday morning, the 200 detained people will be sent to Balochistan for their repatriation to Afghanistan. During an operation in Machhar Colony and Ganna Mandi, a total of 54 illegal Afghans were detained without any resistance.

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