School systems in the United States face a challenge when it comes to using the data from educational technology tools to make informed decisions and help teachers. A recent report found that school districts accessed thousands of edtech tools last year, but much of the data from these tools is isolated and difficult for educators to use effectively. The solution to this challenge is data interoperability, which allows for the seamless exchange of data between different applications. This makes it easier to analyze the data and provide information through visualizations and reports. However, implementing data interoperability can be a lengthy process for school systems and edtech service providers. Project Unicorn conducts an annual survey to understand the capabilities and infrastructure of school systems in using education data. The survey results provide insights into the state of data interoperability and suggest action steps. Key findings from the survey include challenges with governance, the importance of data teams, the need for familiarity with data standards, and the impact of district size and resources. The report highlights the need for funding and support to leverage data interoperability effectively. Project Unicorn offers assistance to school systems through their School Network Pledge, providing technical support and resources to improve data interoperability.

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