Over the past 30 years, 97 journalists have been killed in Pakistan, with 98% of the murderers getting away with impunity. Recent cases of journalists being murdered in Sukkur have sparked protests and investigations, but these quickly peter out without any progress. Local journalists and police believe that the journalists were targeted and hitmen were hired to carry out the murders. This pattern of impunity is repeated year after year in Pakistan, and the country has been placed on the CPJ’s Global Impunity Index for the last 16 years. Only two journalists’ murderers have been partially convicted, while the rest enjoy complete impunity. The CPJ states that this high rate of impunity sends a clear message that journalists are fair game. To address this issue, the ‘Pakistan Task Force on Journalist Murders’ has been formed to monitor investigations and pressure authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice. This task force aims to ensure swift, transparent, and independent investigations to end the pervasive impunity for journalist murders.

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