The UK and US are set to announce a partnership on AI safety. This collaboration will combine the new regulations on AI development outlined in the recent executive order from the White House with the work of the UK’s Frontier AI Taskforce. The US will establish the AI Safety Institute, housed at the Department of Commerce, which will create guidelines and standards for evaluating and mitigating risks associated with AI. The UK will also set up an AI Safety Institute that will examine and test new AI technologies. Both countries will share information and collaborate on research, and the US will also share information with other safety institutes around the world. The executive order signed by the White House will require developers of powerful AI systems to share safety test results with the US government. The UK’s Tech Secretary stated that the US can lead in transparency because it is dominated by American firms, but the UK can move quickly because of its existing organization and expertise. The goal is to ensure the safety of AI models before they are released.

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