The Supreme Court of Pakistan is hearing review petitions against its 2019 judgment regarding a 20-day sit-in in Faizabad in 2017. The judgment had instructed the defence ministry and military chiefs to penalize personnel who violated their oath, as well as monitor and prosecute those advocating hate, extremism, and terrorism. The court made adverse observations against several government departments for causing inconvenience to the public during the sit-in. Most petitioners had withdrawn their pleas in previous hearings, prompting the Chief Justice to ask why everyone was afraid to speak the truth. The federal government has formed a fact-finding committee to ensure compliance with the 2019 judgment, but the Chief Justice called it an “eyewash.” During the hearing, allegations were made against the defence ministry and an intelligence agency for manipulating TV news channels. The IB, defence ministry, ECP, and PTI had filed review petitions against the judgment, while the PTI questioned mentions of their 2014 sit-in. The Faizabad sit-in disrupted daily life for 20 days, and protesters claimed a modification to the Khatm-i-Nabuwwat oath was part of a larger conspiracy. The government attempted negotiations and eventually launched an unsuccessful operation to disperse the protesters, calling in the army for assistance.

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