More than 100,000 Afghan nationals who did not have the proper documentation to stay in Pakistan have willingly returned to Afghanistan through the Torkham border crossing in the past two weeks. The Afghan nationals came from various parts of Pakistan to reach the border. Pakistan’s deadline for all undocumented immigrants, including Afghan nationals, to leave the country is expiring today. The caretaker government had instructed illegal immigrants to sell their properties and leave the country by November 1. The interim prime minister, along with the interior minister, stated that about 1.73 million unregistered and illegal Afghan nationals are currently living in Pakistan. Pakistan clarified that the decision to ask illegal immigrants to leave is based on its domestic laws and applies to all nationalities. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights had urged Pakistan to stop forcibly returning Afghan nationals, but Pakistan maintains that its decision is in line with international norms. Pakistan emphasized its commitment to protecting vulnerable individuals and highlighted its history of hosting millions of Afghan refugees in the past 40 years.

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