The BC Wildfire Federation (BCWF) has criticized the Ministry of Forests for causing environmental damage in a protected area. They reported unauthorized work by the Ministry and improper cattle grazing in the South Okanagan and White Lake Grasslands. BCWF’s executive director, Jesse Zeman, discovered the damage in 2020, including a road with exposed pipes, garbage, and erosion. The nearby creek crossing also lacked a culvert, and it was blocked with rocks and logs. Cattle were grazing in the area past the designated date. The organization found overflowing watering tanks for the cattle and exposed pipes due to erosion. These findings could lead to issues like land stability problems and invasive weed growth. BC Parks, the ministry’s partner in protecting the area, claimed to be unaware of the unauthorized construction and violations. A three-year investigation by the B.C. Forest Practices Board confirmed the violations and found that the Ministry didn’t obtain the required authorization. BCWF is calling for an investigation into how this happened and who should be held accountable. They believe there is a culture issue within the Ministry where they haven’t followed their own rules.

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