The Supreme Court is currently hearing the first-ever intra-court appeals against its previous judgment that declared amendments to the accountability laws as illegal. The appeals were filed by the federal government and Zuhair Ahmed Siddiqui, former SSGCL managing director. The appeals were taken up by a larger bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Qazi Faez Isa. This hearing is in line with the court’s previous order, in which the law to regulate the affairs of the top court was upheld. The federal government has urged the court to adjourn the hearing because its counsel is unavailable until November 6. The appeals by the government request the court to set aside the previous judgment and argue that it was opposed to the facts of the case and contrary to the law. The government claims that Imran Khan, who challenged the amendments, was given more opportunities during the hearing compared to the government. The appeals argue that the previous judgment is against the principles of natural justice and due process of law. The appeals also state that a number of references were returned or transferred to other forums under the amendment act, and the facts of those cases were not considered by the top court.

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