The caretaker cabinet in Pakistan has approved a significant increase in monthly charges and consumer rates for natural gas. The increase could lead to higher inflation for consumers. The new prices will go into effect from November 1, 2023. The fixed monthly charges for domestic consumers in the “protected category” will increase by up to 3,900%, from Rs10 to Rs400 per month. Additionally, there will be a 194% increase in consumer rates for natural gas. The average gas cost for certain consumer slabs is expected to rise by up to 300%. The cabinet also approved the new Haj policy and halted the privatisation of Pakistan Steel Mills. The tariff for bulk consumption of natural gas has increased, while there is no change in the tariff for special commercial categories like roti tandoors. The cabinet also approved international operations for Fly Jinnah. It will now be able to fly to countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey, and the UAE. The decision to appoint military officials as heads of two hospitals in the capital city was supported by the caretaker Federal Minister of Health.

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