Two camps in the AI community, comprised of different stakeholders and interests, have historically been at odds with each other. However, both camps have found something to appreciate in President Biden’s executive order on AI. The order aims to address multiple facets of AI and move them forward. It is an “all-of-the-above” approach that seeks to avoid upsetting different constituencies, including progressive voters, top tech companies, and security-focused individuals. The issue of AI has already been politicized, and the involvement of polarizing figures like Elon Musk has further complicated the debate. The executive order’s comprehensive provisions have some concerned that it may be too much to handle effectively, especially in an election year. Nevertheless, the order includes provisions that satisfy various factions in the AI landscape, such as addressing bias and discrimination, reporting on advanced AI systems’ progress, and enhancing national security. While the order is comprehensive, it may not be a substitute for congressional action, and a functioning Congress that can actively address AI issues is still needed.

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