The CEO of Palantir, a company that may potentially secure a contract with the NHS, has said that they would not have access to any data. Palantir is one of the contenders for a contract to provide data services to the NHS. The company specializes in data analysis and has previously worked with the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there have been concerns raised about the company’s access to sensitive patient information.

In response to these concerns, the head of Palantir clarified that they would not be able to access any data if they were awarded the contract. This means that the company would only be responsible for providing the tools and technology needed to analyze the data, but would not have direct access to the information itself. The CEO emphasized that the data would remain under the control of the NHS and that Palantir’s role would be limited to supporting the NHS in its data analysis efforts.

This statement is likely intended to alleviate fears about potential misuse of patient data and to address privacy concerns. It asserts that if Palantir were to win the contract, patient information would be protected and remain confidential. By making this assurance, the CEO aims to build trust and confidence in Palantir’s ability to handle sensitive data for the NHS.

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