The Pakistan cricket team is facing difficulties both on and off the field. They are currently ranked sixth in the World Cup and their chances of reaching the semi-finals are slim. There have been reports of communication issues between team captain Babar Azam and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officials, resulting in a lack of response. This is believed to be related to disputes over the players’ contracts, with some players claiming they haven’t been paid in months. However, the team’s media manager denies these claims and says the players are focused on cricket. It was also revealed that the contracts offered to players have not been revised since September. There has been instability within the PCB administration, with three different administrations in charge since September 2021. This has affected the team mentally, causing fear and uncertainty. However, the players are still determined to perform their best. The PCB has urged fans to support the team and stated that higher officials were not involved in the team’s selection for the World Cup. Despite the challenges, the players remain committed to their professional duties.

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