The Supreme Court’s Justice Mansoor Ali Shah stated that members of the armed forces and judges of constitutional courts are fully liable under accountability laws. He made this observation in a note disagreeing with the court’s verdict to strike down changes to the accountability laws and restore corruption cases against public office holders. Justice Shah argued that not only should corruption cases be restored, but inquiries and investigations should also be reinstated. He believed that members of the armed forces and judges should not be considered above the law and should be held accountable like any other public servant. Justice Shah also disagreed with the majority’s interpretation of public office holders’ accountability, stating that they are still triable under other laws even after the amendments. He emphasized that it is not within the courts’ domain to determine the thresholds for corruption investigations and trials. He concluded that the amendments do not violate any fundamental rights and that the constitution allows for sub-constitutional laws to hold elected representatives accountable for corruption. The Supreme Court’s detailed judgment restored all inquiries, investigations, and references related to corruption cases that were previously closed.

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