Pakistan has stated that the decision to ask illegal immigrants to leave the country is based on its own domestic laws. The Foreign Office spokesperson clarified that this decision applies to all illegal immigrants, regardless of their nationality or country of origin. Pakistan stated that it is acting in accordance with international norms and principles. It also emphasized that this decision does not affect foreign nationals who are legally residing or registered in Pakistan. Pakistan highlighted its commitment to protecting and ensuring the safety of vulnerable individuals and pointed to its record of hosting millions of Afghan refugees over the past 40 years. Pakistan called on the international community to work together to find long-term solutions for refugee situations. The Caretaker Interior Minister recently announced that illegal foreigners staying in Pakistan after November 1 will be placed in holding centers before being repatriated. The minister clarified that this deadline applies to all foreigners staying illegally in Pakistan and not just Afghans. The caretaker government has already repatriated over 50,000 illegal Afghan refugees, and security personnel are actively engaged at the border to ensure their safe return. The minister further revealed that there are currently 1.73 million unregistered and illegal Afghans living in Pakistan.

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