This weekly newsletter is part of CBC News’ initiative called “Our Changing Planet” that aims to show and explain the effects of climate change. This week’s newsletter discusses the role of a rope access blade repair technician in maintaining wind turbines. Edan Blomme, a technician in this field for 12 years, climbs wind turbines to repair the blades and ensure they continue generating sustainable power. These turbines require regular maintenance due to exposure to strong winds, erosion, and lightning strikes. Blomme believes that with proper upkeep, wind turbines can last for generations. However, there is a shortage of trained technicians in North America. Blomme is starting a group to help train renewable energy workers in Alberta and plans to open Canada’s first dedicated blade repair school in Calgary. The newsletter also briefly mentions rain as a potential energy source, explaining how triboelectric nanogenerators can capture the kinetic energy of falling raindrops. While rain energy may not replace larger power sources, it can be useful for low-wattage items. Lastly, the newsletter discusses a recent hearing where Suncor Energy Inc. CEO Rich Kruger was questioned about the company’s commitment to the energy transition. Kruger emphasized the need for profits to invest in decarbonization, but critics argue that government intervention is necessary to achieve climate goals.

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