A study conducted by scientists at Aalto University’s Department of Computer Science has revealed concerns about privacy in online games. The study shows that online games have questionable data collection practices and lack transparency about how they handle players’ data. Some games use manipulative tactics to encourage players to reveal their online identities and collect their data. These games often link to social media accounts without specifying what information is collected. Participants in the study were not aware that their chat conversations could be disclosed to third parties, and games did not notify players about data sharing during gameplay. Players, especially females, try to maintain their privacy by choosing text chats over voice chats and creating multiple avatars to conceal their gender. The study suggests that games should be more transparent about data collection, allow players to opt out of invasive data collection, and prioritize the protection of players’ privacy and safety. Overall, the aim is to make games fun, safe, and enjoyable for everyone.

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