The caretaker government in Pakistan has decided to appoint officers from the Pakistan Army Medical Corps as the heads of two state-run hospitals in Islamabad, Pims and Polyclinic, for a period of three years. This decision has been met with reservations from doctors who believe it will force them to quit. The Ministry of National Health Services defended the decision, stating that it is in the best interest of patients and the health sector. They argue that it will address administrative issues faced by the hospitals. The health ministry sent a letter to the defence ministry explaining that the positions of executive director in Pims and Polyclinic were vacant and needed to be filled by qualified individuals. The ministry requested the availability of qualified hospital managers from the Pakistan Army Medical Corps for the positions. A senior health ministry officer believes that appointing army officers will address issues of discipline and ensure quality treatment. However, a senior doctor at Pims expressed frustration with the decision, stating that competent civilians could have been appointed instead. The doctor fears that many doctors may quit due to this decision, worsening the shortage of human resources in the country. The spokesperson for the Ministry of National Health Services believes that appointing army officers is the best option to address complaints and issues in the hospitals.

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