PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif came under criticism for his remarks about women at a rally. He compared his party’s women supporters to those of PTI and implied that his own supporters were more decent. Politicians and journalists condemned his remarks, and the matter was brought up in the Senate by PTI Senator Walid Iqbal. Iqbal criticized Nawaz’s remarks and highlighted the need for respect towards women. The chairman of the Senate, Sadiq Sanjrani, warned against making political statements. Sexism in Pakistan’s political system and within the PML-N party is not uncommon. Other politicians, such as Khawaja Asif, Rana Sanaullah, and Fawad Chaudhry, have also made derogatory comments about women in the past. However, there have also been instances, such as when the PPP issued a show cause notice to Nabil Gabol for joking about rape, where action was taken against sexist remarks. The Senate also passed a resolution condemning the state terrorism and violation of international laws by Indian forces in Kashmir. The resolution called for the formation of a Commission of Inquiry to investigate human rights violations in Kashmir and expressed solidarity with the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir in their struggle for self-determination.

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