The “Zoom wave” has become a common ritual at the end of virtual meetings. According to experts, this wave is a way for people to recreate social connections that were disrupted by the pandemic. It can also be a polite way to signal that the meeting is over before digitally leaving. A survey found that 55% of workers wave at the end of virtual meetings, down from 57% last year. As the pandemic recedes and more workers return to offices, the need for connection has declined, leading to a decrease in the number of people waving. However, experts believe that the wave will continue to exist because of something called “motor resonance” – when one person waves, it’s almost automatic for others to wave back. Additionally, the abrupt ending of video calls means that people need to say their farewells all at once, resulting in an exaggerated and cartoonish quality to the Zoom wave. Some people find the wave awkward, but not waving can be seen as rude. Overall, workers are likely to continue using the Zoom wave as a way to acknowledge and connect with others in virtual meetings.

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