Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been facing its worst-ever crisis after Pakistan State Oil (PSO) cut fuel supply due to unpaid dues. As a result, over 500 flights have been cancelled by PIA in the past 13 days. The airline has been making advance payments to PSO for fuel, but PSO has refused any credit line or relaxation to PIA. This has forced PIA to scale back operations and only schedule flights for which it has fuel arrangements.

In the past three days, more than 160 domestic and international flights were unable to take off, and the operating flights are carrying fewer passengers than their capacity. PIA has identified Canada, Turkiye, China, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia as priority destinations. However, the airline’s Senior Staff Association General Secretary, Safdar Anjum, blames the present management for failing to manage the crisis. He believes that privatization is not the solution and urges the government to form an independent board of directors.

Overall, the fuel supply issue has significantly impacted PIA’s operations, leading to numerous flight cancellations and disruptions. The airline’s management is facing criticism for their handling of the crisis, and there are calls for structural changes to address the ongoing problems.

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