American adjunct faculty members face poor working conditions, low pay, and lack of benefits compared to their Canadian counterparts, according to a new study. Adjunct faculty members in the US earn a median of $3,700 per course, whereas Canadian adjuncts make roughly $7,000 per course. Furthermore, 57% of American adjunct faculty receive no medical benefits, compared to 13% of Canadian adjuncts. The low pay and lack of benefits affect American adjuncts’ ability to engage with students and provide quality education. The American Federation of Teachers has found that over one-fourth of adjuncts earn below the federal poverty line for a family of four and more than three-quarters only have employment guaranteed for one term at a time. The study also found that more exposure to part-time faculty with poor compensation and support leads to higher drop-out rates and lower GPAs for students. The report concludes that alternatives to the poor working conditions experienced by American adjuncts are available in Canada, where part-time faculty receive higher pay and better benefits.

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