The White House has drafted an executive order that outlines guidelines for the regulation and oversight of artificial intelligence (AI) in the United States. While it does not have the force of law, the order gives federal agencies influence in the market through their buying power and enforcement tools. The order directs agencies to focus on anti-competitive behavior and consumer harms in the AI industry. It also establishes a White House AI Council to coordinate AI activities across agencies. The order requires companies developing powerful AI models to provide regular reports to the government on how they protect their technology from espionage or subversion. It also addresses the risks and benefits of AI in areas such as cybersecurity, health, competition, privacy, immigration, microchip manufacturing, and telecoms. The order aims to promote competition, protect privacy, attract AI expertise from abroad, support the semiconductor industry, and explore AI’s potential in improving telecom networks. The order is expected to be issued to over a dozen agencies, which will have 90 to 240 days to fulfill its requirements.

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