Scientists at Delft University of Technology have achieved a breakthrough in controlling and manipulating spin waves on a chip using superconductors. Spin waves are waves in a magnetic material that can transmit information and potentially offer an energy-efficient alternative to electronics. The researchers show that spin waves can be controlled by using a superconducting electrode, which reflects the magnetic field generated by the spin wave back to it. This causes the spin waves to slow down and become easily controllable. By varying the temperature of the electrode, the magnitude of the wavelength change can be finely tuned. The researchers used a unique sensor to measure the magnetic field of the spin waves, allowing them to visualize and study their properties. This discovery opens up possibilities for building small circuits based on spin waves and superconductors, which can be used in energy-efficient computers or as components in quantum computers. The researchers believe that spin wave technology has great potential and can lead to the development of new and efficient electronic devices.

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