A delegation from the ruling political party in Pakistan, the PTI, visited the residence of Maulana Fazlur Rehman, the leader of the opposition party JUI-F. They claimed that the visit was non-political and that they were there to offer condolences over the death of Maulana Fazl’s mother-in-law. This visit is seen as significant because the PTI and JUI-F have been bitter political rivals in the past. The meeting lasted for over an hour and the PTI delegation even joined the Maulana in performing prayers. The PTI delegation included Asad Qaiser, Ali Mohammad Khan, Junaid Akbar, and Barrister Mohammad Ali Saif. While they stated that there was no political motive for the visit, they did discuss the political situation. Both sides agreed that elections should be held on time and in a fair manner, with all parties having an equal chance. They also discussed the issue of unregistered Afghan refugees in the country. Barrister Saif did not rule out the possibility of more meetings in the future. The PTI Chairman Imran Khan, who is currently in jail, approved the visit. The JUI-F spokesperson welcomed the visit and said that the flexibility shown by the PTI leadership is a positive step.

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