Conservation officers in Whistler have captured a grizzly bear that has been living in the area for several weeks. The bear has been seen near a school, causing concerns for the safety of the residents. The officers wanted to relocate the bear before it became too comfortable around humans. Despite hoping that the bear would move on its own, it remained in the area. The bear has now been trapped and will be transported to a safer location. Grizzly bears are more potentially dangerous than black bears, so residents were worried about its presence. While some residents were frustrated with the time it took to capture the bear, the mayor of Whistler stated that they rely on the expertise of the Conservation Officer Service to manage bear populations. The officers prefer not to relocate bears, as it can be risky and harmful to the animals. However, in this case, they decided it was necessary. The bear was successfully caught near a playground and will be tagged and transported to a new location. The goal is to prevent bears from becoming too comfortable around humans, as it increases the potential for conflicts.

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