A tentative agreement has been reached between Ford and the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, potentially bringing an end to a strike that began in September. The deal includes a 25% wage increase over the four-year contract and significantly boosts starting pay for new employees. It also reinstates a cost-of-living adjustment that was previously removed. The UAW also secured the ability to strike in the event of future plant closures. The agreement, if approved, would be a major victory for organized labor in a year of worker unrest. Both the White House and Democratic lawmakers have expressed support for the deal. The strike has affected over 45,000 workers across 46 facilities in 22 states, and has resulted in layoffs and financial losses for companies like Ford and GM. The negotiations have also been impacted by the transition to electric vehicles, with the UAW seeking to include workers at battery plants in its labor agreements. It is unclear whether Ford plants jointly owned with battery companies will be included in the agreement.

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