Friday marks the first anniversary of Samsung Electronics Executive Chairman Lee Jae-yong’s appointment as the head of Korea’s largest conglomerate. In the past year, Lee has focused on exploring new opportunities and laying the foundation for his “New Samsung” vision. He has prioritized investing in “super-gap” technology, aiming to make Samsung the global leader in system semiconductors by 2030. Despite economic concerns, Samsung has continued spending on research and development. Lee has also focused on nurturing tech talent and creating a more flexible corporate culture. Samsung has maintained a regular recruitment system and has plans to hire 80,000 new employees over the next five years. Lee is known for his extensive global network and has played a role in securing vaccines for the Korean government during the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts believe that while Lee’s first year has been stable, he should focus on developing new growth engines in addition to the core chip and battery businesses. They suggest making bolder decisions, such as large-scale mergers and acquisitions. Overall, experts believe that Lee is a leader who respectfully leads a global company but should focus on solidifying internal stability and leading innovation in the coming years.

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