Pakistan cricket team conducted their first practice session after their loss to Afghanistan in the World Cup. The team had called up several bowlers to help them prepare for their upcoming matches. They practiced against left-arm spinners and chinaman bowlers to prepare for South Africa’s spin duo. One of the players, Abdullah Shafique, who was dismissed by a chinaman bowler in the last match, specifically focused on practicing against this type of bowling. During the session, Shaheen Shah Afridi also bowled as a chinaman. The team was trying to regain their energy and remain positive for their remaining matches. Abdullah said that the World Cup is still on and they have a chance to do better in their upcoming matches. He acknowledged that Afghanistan played better on the day and they need to regroup as soon as possible. Pakistan will be facing South Africa next, a team known for their aggressive batting approach. Abdullah emphasized the importance of playing the first 10 overs well and using boundaries to score runs. Despite their slim chances of making the semi-finals, Abdullah remained hopeful and saw their current situation as a challenge.

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