The Ministry of Interior in Pakistan has formed a nine-member joint task force to investigate the issuance of over 12,000 passports to Afghan immigrants. The task force includes members from the Intelligence Bureau, Military Intelligence, Inter-Services Intelligence, Federal Investigation Agency, Nadra, PTA, FBR, and the Ministry of Interior. The team will investigate data breaches in the national database, determine the involvement of officials from various institutions, and identify any internal or external connections. The task force will also recommend punitive actions and propose a mechanism to safeguard the integrity of the national database. The team has been given 15 days to submit a report.

In addition, the interim Interior Minister, Sarfraz Ahmed Bugti, confirmed that the deadline for illegal immigrants, including Afghans, to leave Pakistan will not be extended beyond November 1. Bugti clarified that the directive targets all illegal immigrants and is not specific to Afghan nationals. This statement comes after criticism suggesting a targeted expulsion of Afghan immigrants due to strained relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

During the discussion, it was revealed that thousands of Biharis living in Karachi‚Äôs Malir neighborhood have no legal status in Pakistan. The committee also passed two bills unanimously – “The Criminal Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2023” and “The Anti-Rape (Investigation and Trial) (Amendment) Bill, 2023”. The first bill aims to curb false accusations and malicious criminal prosecution, while the second bill proposes mandatory DNA tests for rape victims.

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