Many parents who don’t speak English as their first language have a hard time understanding important information about their child’s education because schools often don’t provide interpretation services. This is especially true for parents of children with disabilities, who have a right to be involved in their child’s education. Some schools use bilingual students to interpret for their families, which is inappropriate and puts too much responsibility on the student. The lack of resources and qualified interpreters is often cited as the reason for not providing these services. In Washington and other states, efforts have been made to address this issue, but they face challenges due to limited funding and enforcement. The number of English learners in special education is increasing, and their parents are becoming more frustrated with the lack of language services. The wait for interpretation or translation can be long, and current laws do not support full parent participation. This leaves parents feeling excluded and unable to advocate for their children. Proposed legislation in some states aims to address these issues by setting deadlines for translation services and expanding language access. The lack of language services is a nationwide problem that requires better resources and respect for all parents.

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