According to Satya Nadella, we are now in an age of AI that will greatly improve productivity and help solve important problems. Generative AI is improving rapidly and can create text, code, images, and even video. LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman suggests that we should see ourselves as a new species called homo techne, capable of more than we thought possible. The new age of human-computer interaction is defined by natural language as the interface and powerful reasoning engines. AI apps are becoming more empathetic and can serve as coaches, confidantes, and advisors. However, there are concerns about cheating and plagiarism as AI becomes more advanced. It is important to establish guidelines and emphasize quality and attribution. Some schools are already embracing AI and providing guidance for implementation. For example, St Vrain Valley Schools in Colorado encourages staff and students to explore AI through various learning experiences. The Peninsula School District in Washington has developed principles for using AI responsibly and ethically in education. To get started with AI, educators can access resources and training from organizations like and ISTE. It is important to see the potential of AI and encourage young people to use it for creative, innovative, and impactful work. Building a strong foundation and embracing innovation is key for schools and districts. It is time to have a community conversation about the possibilities and how to make the most of AI for good.

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