Microsoft Edge, a web browser developed by Microsoft, now asks users to take a poll after they click the “Download Chrome” button. This is part of Microsoft’s efforts to persuade users not to switch to Google Chrome. The poll appears in three stages:

1. The first stage shows a search result in Microsoft Edge for “Chrome download,” with a message stating that there is no need to download a new web browser.

2. The second stage displays a pop-up message after landing on Google’s site, stating that Microsoft Edge uses the same technology as Chrome with the added trust of Microsoft.

3. The third stage asks users to take a minute to explain why they are trying to download Chrome. It is a prompt for feedback.

Overall, Microsoft is attempting to convince users that Microsoft Edge is a reliable and trustworthy web browser that offers the same capabilities as Chrome. The intention is to discourage users from downloading Chrome and to promote the use of Microsoft Edge instead.

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