The British Columbia government wants to speed up the transition to zero-emission vehicles. They plan to achieve their goal of 100% sales of emission-free vehicles by 2035, five years earlier than originally planned. To support this, the government aims to expand the charging network and increase funding for electric vehicle buyers. The new legislation would require all new light-duty vehicles sold in the province to be emission-free by 2035. Automakers would face annual targets for zero-emission vehicle sales, starting with 26% by 2026 and reaching 100% by 2035. The Energy Ministry believes that these amendments will make it easier for people to choose electric vehicles. However, some have expressed concerns about the potential impact on vehicle prices and supply issues. Despite these challenges, British Columbia has consistently exceeded sales targets for zero-emission vehicles since 2019 and currently has the highest percentage of electric vehicle sales in Canada. The province has also announced $7 million in new funding for its Go Electric EV Charger Rebate Program to support the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

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