Apple is reportedly working on a new version of its TV app that aims to be the go-to platform for users’ shows, movies, and more. The company plans to remove its apps for buying and renting content and integrate them with its streaming content and channel-subscription options. The updated app is expected to launch in December on the Apple TV box, as well as across Apple’s other platforms and TV operating systems. This move aligns with Apple’s long-standing goal of creating a user-friendly TV experience. The current TV app already offers recommendations from multiple streaming services and allows users to subscribe directly to other services. Apple hopes to further enhance the app by combining the iTunes collection of shows and movies. The upcoming release is particularly significant due to the impending launch of Apple’s Vision Pro headset, which will likely feature the TV app prominently. However, Apple faces challenges in implementing this vision, as many content providers prefer to keep users within their own apps. Despite the difficulties, Apple’s success with Apple TV Plus and the MLS streaming service gives the company a foothold in the streaming market. Ultimately, Apple continues to strive for a better streaming experience and is persistent in making it work.

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