Stellantis, a large automotive company that owns various brands, including Jeep and Ram, has decided to cancel its plans for CES 2024. The company cites the ongoing United Auto Workers (UAW) strikes as the reason for this cancellation. The strikes have now expanded to include 6,800 workers at the Ram 1500 truck factory, which is Stellantis’ largest factory in the US. The UAW claims that Stellantis has made unfavorable proposals regarding wage progression, temporary worker pay, conversion to full-time positions, cost-of-living adjustments, and more. Stellantis states in its press release that the costs of the strikes are mounting, leading to the cancellation of its CES participation. The company mentions that it is taking countermeasures to mitigate financial impacts and preserve capital. While CES participation involves significant expenses, it remains uncertain whether this cancellation will compensate for the loss caused by halted production. Stellantis assures that it will continue to demonstrate its transformation into a mobility tech company through other means. The company has previously made headlines with its infotainment system running on a modified version of Android and announcements of unique features such as a drone launching out of a Jeep Wrangler and an electric Dodge Charger with speakers playing exhaust sounds. The UAW strikes affect the entire American automotive industry, as workers from major carmakers are on strike over issues like compensation, benefits, and challenges related to the transition to electric vehicles, such as battery manufacturing and labor contracts for new EV factories. The status of CES plans for Ford and GM remains unknown.

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