PimEyes, a facial recognition search engine, has banned searches of minors due to concerns about their safety. However, their system for detecting children is still being developed and is not yet accurate. The decision to implement this protection mechanism had been planned since 2021 but was only fully deployed after an article about the threat AI poses to children was published. Human rights organizations can still search for minors, but other searches will block children’s faces in the images. The service has already banned over 200 accounts for inappropriate searches of children, and some parents have found photos of their children they had not seen before using PimEyes. In order to find out where the image came from, they would have to pay a monthly subscription fee. PimEyes is just one example of facial recognition engines facing scrutiny for privacy violations, with Clearview AI being another controversial platform. Critics argue that this highlights the larger issue of surveillance and the lack of privacy protection in technology.

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