Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s biggest challenge is convincing the younger generation to believe in his recollection of the past. As people get older, they tend to reflect on their choices and how life would have been different. Nawaz’s first speech after returning to Pakistan showed that he had spent a lot of time reflecting on the past. However, it remains to be seen whether he can convince a changed Pakistan to accept his version of events.

In his speech, Nawaz expressed his desire to not seek revenge and to push for regional peace. He also stated that his framework for development remains unchanged. These are typical of Nawaz’s views, but after 30 years of trying and failing, it is unclear whether this time will be any different.

There are several challenges that Nawaz will face. One is the deep state’s assault on the current government, which may lead to revenge and instability. Another challenge is maintaining a good relationship with the military establishment, especially regarding national security and foreign policy. Nawaz’s desire to make peace with India and his potential refusal to grant another extension to a military chief could strain this relationship.

The economy is another major concern. After years of failed economic policies, major reforms are needed. However, it seems that Nawaz has not learned from past mistakes and lacks a clear understanding of the economy’s needs.

Finally, Nawaz must connect with the youth who want to see credible actors building a better future for Pakistan. Many in this generation blame Nawaz and his political peers for their bleak prospects. It will be difficult for Nawaz to inspire and motivate this generation, limiting his ability to transform the country.

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