The Pakistan Stock Exchange’s KSE-100 index increased by more than 650 points on Monday, reaching a trade volume above 51,000. However, analysts caution that the current market value is still below what was achieved in 2017, despite a similar trade volume. The trading volume at 11:48am was up by 650.85, indicating improving investor sentiments. The last time the index traded above 50,000 was in 2017 due to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The recent surge to the 2023 milestone is uncertain, but some factors include the appreciation of the rupee in September and unchanged monetary policy after a T-bill auction. Major activity has been seen in sectors such as banking, power, fertilizer, cement, exploration, and production in October. However, the market value is still significantly below its 2017 level. In order to achieve the performance of 2017, the index would need to surpass the 100,000 mark. The CEO of financial consultancy firm Alpha Beta Core states that investors care about the value, not just the index, as it is an indicator of future changes. The energy sector is leading the gains due to an increase in gas prices and positive factors such as political clarity, economic consolidation, and strong corporate profitability.

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